A protocol for a post-capitalist economy

Basis enables an economy where everyone has a say in their workplace, property is managed by the people who use it, and production focuses on ecologically meeting needs instead of generating profit.

Why build this?

As capitalism has given to us, it has also taken away. It gives us a wage but takes our sense of ownership and purpose. It gives us houses but forces us into debt to live in them. It gives us hospitals but bankrupts us when we use them. It hands our political self-determination to banks and corporations and placates us with an endless stream of consumer trinkets, all while telling us we have "choice."

The goal of Basis is to enable a system where we keep our sense of ownership and purpose, we keep the houses and hospitals we have built, we keep our self-determination, but shed the perversion of capital and the alienation it brings with it.

Imagine a world where instead of asking "Will this make money?" people ask "Will this be useful to others?" It's a small shift in thinking, but would profoundly change our relationships to production, the environment, and each other. What would the world look like if we felt a connection to not just the things we made, but with the meaning behind our work? Basis was built with the goal of enabling an economy where profit is removed from production, replacing the random coldness of markets with a sense of connected purpose.